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The Lonely Way: "Most heart-wrenching of all is the actress Irene Herms played by LISA BOSTNAR. She gives a remarkable performance, combining the weightlessness of a lifelong coquette with a heroine's gravity and ferocity."​


Far and Wide: "LISA BOSTNAR delivers a star turn."​


The Brothers Berg: "Perhaps the play's chief pleasure is the performance of LISA BOSTNAR as Tamara, who in addition to being as forthrightly sexy as a literate porn star ought to be is also quite touching as a woman who sees through all the awfulness of her awful guy, all in a consistent, persuasive Russian accent."


​The Voysey Inheritance: "The production manages to be simultaneously spare and sumptuous, with a standout performance by LISA BOSTNAR."


Two Comedies By Milne: "LISA BOSTNAR is delightful as the clever and wise Olivia in "Pim" and has one of the best moments in other play as Isobel in "Blayds".


Other People's Money: "Is it on purpose that it falls to the two actresses in the cast to get at the play's gut and soul? LISA BOSTNAR, the seductive lawyer who is hired to outmaneuver the manipulator, outmatches Mr. Mulhern ploy for ploy." ​

Mr. Pim Passes By: "LISA BOSTNAR scintillates. She not only demonstrates why all the men in the play have fallen in love with her, but she has the kind of charm that one associates with Myrna Loy or Audrey Hepburn. In a different theatre age playwrights would have written plays specifically for her, she is that enchanting."


A Splintered Soul: "LISA BOSTNAR does notable work in a trio of roles and is especially moving in her brief appearance as the ghostly apparition of Kroeller's wife."


The Gardens of Frau Hess: "LISA BOSTNAR'S Ilse is riveting."

Mr. Pim Passes By: "Olivia softly dominates the play. The director here is blessed in discovering in BOSTNAR an actress capable of all the wiles and whimsy Milne has laid upon his obviously adored Olivia... the gently incandescent BOSTNAR."


Far and Wide: "Genia, beautifully done by LISA BOSTNAR."


Mr. Pim Passes By: "LISA BOSTNAR is sublime: This is a tricky role, and Bostnar is marvelous in it. She’s incandescent: vibrant and vulnerable and utterly, ineffably attractive; she makes Olivia the kind of woman any man would instantly fall in love with."


House of Mirth: "LISA BOSTNAR is exquisite as Lily, capturing all of the guileless gallantry of this sad woman. She is infinitely appealing: a vulnerable, gentle creature. . . . a splendid showcase for the talents of MS. BOSTNAR, and her performance alone makes this production well worth seeing."


The Truth about Blayds: “LISA BOSTNAR’S Isobel – whom we see literally come to life on two different occasions in two different ways during the course of this play – is radiant, intelligent, and thoroughly appealing; the story’s warm, passionate center."


Far and Wide: “LISA BOSTNAR, too-long absent from the Mint stage, is heartbreakingly conflicted as Genia: she lets us see the many emotions going through this complicated woman’s mind at every point in the play, in a performance whose extreme composure belies the raw and explosive feelings tearing away at her character’s soul.


The Madras House: "Mint favorite LISA BOSTNAR, radiant and commanding as ever as his strong-minded wife."


The Lonely Way: "LISA BOSTNAR, as Irene Herms, provides the play's other powerhouse performance, . . . with George Morfogen, . . . a portrayal of a woman of strength, compassion, selfishness, and regret that is nothing short of heartbreaking in its precision."

Mrs. Warren's Profession: "... along comes LISA BOSTNAR as Mrs. Warren, carrying the aura of her dubious proffesion (world's oldest) like a rich and healthy secret. BOSTNAR is radiant and vivacious Mrs. Warren, a character who thrives in this still effective drama for a quitenssentialy Shavian reason: She works. MS. BOSTNAR is a ray of sunshine." ​

Mr. Pim Passes By: "LISA BOSTNAR, (reprising her role from the New York production) is superb."

Best of 2008: "The Elm Shakespeare Company's energetic production of "The Matchmaker" in the summer setting - a delightful night out for all, noting LISA BOSTNAR'S radiant Dolly Levi."


Silver Cord: “LISA BOSTNAR is an enchanting Hester, even managing to encompass the character’s dated smelling-salts hysterics effectively. And she looks marvelous."


Hamlet (with Alvin Epstein): Epstein is well met by the rest of the cast, too, especially the principal actors whose classical training serves them aptly. . . LISA BOSTNAR underplays Gertrude so that subtext is paramount.”

The Lonely Way: "Among the multitude of reasons to see Arthur Schitzler's "The Lonely Way", is the opportunity to see LISA BOSTNAR, one of today's theatre's finest actresses, in a dazzling performance... the entire cast is marvelous. MS. BOSTNAR, is as good as it gets. She radiates at every turn, at once the star and then the woman with memories and disappointment. ...the first rate cast, particulary MS. BOSTNAR, makes this a special event." - David Rothenberg, WBAI FM/NYC


Far and Wide: "Jonathan Bank's production is blessed with a first rate cast, particualry the radiant LISA BOSTNAR."

Far and Wide: "LISA BOSTNAR is truly accomplished. By this time entitled to be called the company's first lady."

Mr. Pim Passes By: "...a fine production that features a good cast, especially a lovely LISA BOSTNAR as the imperturbable Olivia."

Far and Wide: "LISA BOSTNAR, a Mint regular, is just right as the lovely, long-suffering Genia.""

Far and Wide: "LISA BOSTNAR, a Mint regular, is just right as the lovely, long-suffering Genia.""

Annapurna: "A two-person engagement like Annapurna demands that mysterious quality from actors that we call “chemistry” because we have no other name for it... Vaut le voyage, the old Michelin guide to top-notch restaurants used to mark those it took the most pleasure in: “Worth the trip.” Annapurna earns the accolade."

Vanya and Sonya and And Masha and Spike: "Bostnar sweeps in deliciously, an initially ebullient, auntie-mame-ish invasive force prepared to reset the scene around herself… having so well played Irina Arkadina in The Seagull a couple of years back… and Bostnar’s performance echoes her earlier turn in its self-absorption and sympathy. By the end of the second act, sympathy has won out, and she seems to grow younger as the play goes on."

Steel Magnolias: "BOSTNAR gives a monologue that would be worth the price of admission all on its own."

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